A Quick Visit Enjoyed

In May of 2014, I traveled to Ireland for the first time.  It had been my soul’s desire for 30 years.  If you know me, you know that my soul loves Ireland.  I can’t put it into any more simple words.  Although, it IS my plan to write more about Ireland and my love of it!  Stay tuned….

I was traveling with a group of college students from NSU.  On the trip, I met a lovely young lady; one of many.  She was super sweet and sugary nice, intelligent, shy and spiritual.  It was her first trip abroad, and she was excited.  She talked about pursuing her PhD; Trinity College, in Dublin, being one of her options.

Once we returned, I found myself connecting with most via social media.  I also collected phone numbers so we could stay in touch, mostly by texting.  I’m primarily on facebook, so I was able to stay in touch with some of the kids and professors.  I anticipated their postings and pictures of the trip, getting to enjoy it all over again through someone else’s eyes and point of view.

Ashton and I kept in touch, having lunch occasionally.  One day, she told me she had looked into interning abroad, Ireland being an option.  Imagine my excitement for her!  She eventually firmed up the details and she leaves in early June.  I’m so happy and excited for her.

We recently had lunch to pinch in one last visit before she leaves.  I gifted her with a book, Enough Is Plenty, written by Felicity Hayes-McCoy.  It details a year’s worth of living through the seasons on the Dingle Peninsula, beautifully illustrated with personal photos.  Ashton plans to visit Dingle.  I wanted to whet her whistle and encourage her to live in every breath and moment of her stay in Ireland.  I hope it worked.  I think it did.

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