Let me set the tone from the very beginning.  I DO NOT like summer.  But as time goes by, I’ve learned to accept it as a cycle of life.  Also, in the back of my mind I know this too shall pass!  There are only three things, that I can think of off the top of my head, that I like about summer:  mimosa trees, crepe myrtles and my birthday.

My birthday is in a few days.  And I am one that firmly believes in celebrating birthday weeks and month.  See, my birthday is all about me.  The one day in every year that’s all about me and no one else.  I enjoy it.  It makes me happy.  Hey, I’ve made another year.  But from now on, I don’t think I’m going to celebrate the chronological age that I am.  Not that it bothers me to state my age.  I think I’ll start celebrating the past year’s accomplishments and successes!  A celebratory time of reflection of my life during the last year.

Mimosa trees and crepe myrtles you ask?  Well, mimosa trees because I’m reminded of my grandmother whom I love dearly.  She had four mimosa trees planted in a row.  And I climbed every one of those suckers!  I always think of her when they bloom.  I thank God I was a kid before today’s current technology.

Crepe myrtles are the rainbow of beauty that unfolds in the hottest of summer days in Louisiana and around the southern states.  They burst forth with color and are resilient through these 100 degree days, never wavering!  Just like us southerners!!!  With all that color around, how can one simply be anything but happy.

So, summer is not my favorite time of year.  But after my birthday, in a few short days, I’ll be waiting patiently for LSU football to begin.  It’s one of the few things in life that truly make me happy and angry at the same time, much like summer.  Geaux Tigers!Lavender_Crape_Myrtle_Lee_Ann_Torrans-1-of-6

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