Text message, Lunch?

Yesterday I received a text from a good friend. “Lunch?” It had been a while. Did I feel like it? No. Did I want to? Yes. So I met her at our usual spot and we enjoyed a couple of hours of catching up, encouraging each other, all while enjoying the afternoon out on the patio. She needed sun. I just needed to be out of the office.


We both have busy, demanding lives. Our lives run very parallel. We often joke that she’s following in my footsteps. We have way too much in common for two people who could be mother and daughter due to our age difference.

Our conversation was all over the place, but ultimately lead to us discussing each other’s desire for more especially when it comes to our careers. We just both feel like there’s something more out there for us. Just not quite sure how to get there or what it might even be. We both are creative in different ways. Then the conversation got a little deeper.

I love to write, as I’ve said before. At her suggestion and encouraging, I’ve decided I’m going to set up a writing desk just for writing. Nothing else. Not for bills. Not for a catch all for all my information I love to collect. Not even to stack my endless books that Amazon Prime keeps delivering (lol)! As my sweet friend told me, my writing spot needs to be just for me. A place to be creative. A place to allow the flow without excuses.


You see, I often felt or thought I needed to find a quiet restaurant or a quaint café to write. You know, the romanticized side of it all. No, I just need a spot in my house just for me to write and nothing more.

So I’ve decided on a spare room in the front of the house. A simple writing desk in front of the window. I can watch the sun rise. I can watch the traffic go by. I can daydream. And I can write.

Today, Pinterest was my go to looking for that perfect writing desk and setup. Then it hit me. Just get that damn room cleaned up and get to writing. Then a wonderful memory filled my mind and heart. It was of my grandmother. She loved to sew. And although she had a spare bedroom, her sewing machine was set up in her hallway. Yes, her hallway. She lived alone, so she could have set it up anywhere that would have been more ideal, better lighting. You know, the perfect place. But she set it up in the hallway. And she sewed. A lot. Many of my outfits growing up were created in that hallway.

So I won’t be setting up in either of my hallways, but I do have the spot picked out. Now to get that room straight so I can set up in front of the window. I don’t even have a desk yet, but that’s ok. It won’t be ideal or perfect. But like my grandmother’s hallway where she did all of her creating, sitting in front of this window is where I’ll be doing mine.



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