Moving…Château DeSoto


It’s been a while. Too long, and I do miss writing. Lots of changes have taken place since I last wrote a little over two years ago.

Let’s start with the most obvious… the name change of my blog. I believe it most reflects where I am in my life on a daily basis. It finally feels right. It feels like home.

Which segways into the title of my article, moving.  Almost three years ago, we boldly decided to build a new home. As with everything else, I adore finding a name for my personal belongings.  Hence, le Château is how I loosely refer to our new home, Château DeSoto. We have officially resided here since Labor Day weekend, 2018. On a couple of acres on a very busy corner in central Louisiana.  Small town living with a wanderlust heart.

So after longing to be here but not writing for various reasons, I am back and could not be happier.  I’m looking forward to watching the future unfold at le Château.



PS Please bear with me as I re-familiarize myself with my own blog.  Thanks for understanding…

springtime reflections tree from back


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