BEING is my WOTY (Word of the Year). For some time now, I’ve focused on action words to guide me through the year. For too long, I’ve been craving just being me. Being Tina in all my Tina-ness.

In that being, I am (barely) dealing with and struggling with chronic pain. It’s the worst it’s ever been and it is relentless. It’s been a major part of my journey with it being extreme the last 7 years. Multiple surgeries. Many missed days of work. Thankfully, I can work from home. Too many damn doctor visits. And lots of meds to boot. And I’m still at square one. Or so it feels.

This is my year of BEING. And what I want the most is to be healed. To be able to live actively and move about in my life. I want to thrive, not just survive. Being in the middle of a chronic pain flare on what feels like the daily, I’m struggling beyond just the physical pain. So much so, I ended up at my gp because my mental health is now suffering. ALL aspects of my life are suffering.

I know I’m not alone. But when you are going through it, you feel alone. Misunderstood. Looked down upon. I’m tired on all levels.

To be continued, thanks to the nudge of one of the most beautiful souls I know…

#ChronicPain #BEING #WOTY #TiredOnAllLevels #MentalHealth #Over50 #PostMenopausal #TiredDoesntEvenDescribeIt #WritingIsMyTherapy #NoMoreFucksToGive #NotThrivingJustSurviving

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