Seasonal Living

Magickal Korner

It’s spring here in Louisiana. At least for a little bit longer. Seasonal weather moves quickly this time of year. Not too long ago, it was cool and nighttime was for fires. Now, when the sun goes down, nighttime belongs to the mosquitoes.

It’s the #SeasonOfEquus (Horse Wisdom/Medicine), a new area of life for me introduced to me by Alyssa Sheffar (#UnbridledMamaGoesLive365), facilitator and mentor who partners with her herd of four amazing horses. Now, understand one thing. I have ONLY become acquainted with the equine world since October 2021. But so much has changed since discovering the five beautiful Arabians literally in my backyard. The girls, as I fondly call them, and their 73 year old caretaker have opened up a whole new world. Boy, did I not know what a journey I was in for.

So I’ve decided to spend more time in nature. More time for myself. More time for self-care. Just more ME time. So I started hanging out behind my husband’s shop. It’s very quiet, secluded, and magickal! It has not disappointed. I spend lots of time there relaxing, energetically connecting to the girls who are literally a few hundred feet away. I also started doing a lot of time there doing shadow work. Boy, has this year been an emotional ride!

And, yet, nature has not disappointed me. The grass is lush, the wildflowers are blooming, and the creatures are moving about. I’m always surprised at what I experience out there. I love seeing each new visit with new eyes!

So lately, or since October, I’ve been #ChasingHorsesAndSunsets and I look forward to what the girls have to show me, teach me, or mirror to me. Once I realized how this works, I understood I needed to leave my ego at the gate. Since I’ve done this, things changed and this work took on a whole new life. One I want to learn about and hopefully be a part of in the future.

So, while I’m still learning (and there’s a lot to learn), it is a very natural state to be in when I’m around the girls. I no longer fear horses. The two instances that bookend my fear have helped me to understand some things from my past and my present. And being around them, I have no choice but to be present in my thoughts and actions.

I feel like my words are all over the page. It’s how I’m feeling these days, processing what’s being shown to me. Process what I’m learning about myself, my past, my life. And I am so thankful and forever grateful for the journey that I am on. I’m holding on for the ride. It’s gonna be a good one : )