by the fire, day 2

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Day 2 By the Fire…learning to say yes to myself is just as important as saying no to something that does not serve my current state of being. Nostalgia too often robs my living in the moment because there's much sorrow there. Stress and unhappiness defined those holidays. These days, stress and sorrow are present. But that all needs to change. This, too, is my favorite time of the year!!! The creative prompt resonated with me. The pic is from this past summer. The yoga studio I had been a part of for a couple of years, and had come to crave and love, closed and was sold. I held on to it, fiercely! But the day it closed, I had a private burning ceremony to help me let it go. It helped usher in closure and acceptance. And it was and is ok. Realizing my life is mine to create, including holidays. #annapurnalivingroom

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