by the fire, day 3

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By the Fire Day 3…Dear Winter, You are my favorite time of year. You inspire joy, not woe. You allow me to turn inward during the darker months. You provide a natural inclination to rest, contemplate, renew. I strive to learn to honor the earth's seasonal rhythms-and to indulge in all it's magical moments. By the fire, I take comfort in the coals. By the fire, I feel alive as I watch the fire dance with life. By the fire is where I want to be. Winter- with it's hot and cold, muggy and raining. I feel most alive this time of year. I have let the stress of the expectations grab hold of me and dampen my spirit year after year. This year, because of my surgery, l am free to not be part of the expectations. I've enjoyed that in the past–Christmas in the Iraqi desert; Christmas in Gatlinburg. No expectations. Just being, honoring and celebrating. #annapurnalivingroom

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