It’s been a while…


So I’ve not been around in a while.  Well, just not on Selfie Notes.  I’ve been pretty active on Instagram since discovering it during an online workshop with Carrie-Anne Moss.  It’s quite pleasurable, and a lot less “noisy” than facebook.

Anyway, lots has happened in my little world since I last posted.  I had a major hip surgery the week of Thanksgiving, which I’m still sort of recovering from.  And I’m currently having some medical issues that will require a specialist.  Blood work is wayyyy outta whack!   I’m scheduled for an appointment at the end of the month.  I’m tired.  I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  No matter how much I sleep, I’m not rested.  Did you notice my picture?  I KNOW I need rest.  Apparently, my body doesn’t. It won’t or it can’t.  Guess that will be determined at a later day.

To be continued…


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